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iPhytter, the new VoIP application, allows you to call anywhere in the world for FREE or at very low rates

iPhytter is the SIP client for Android devices. As long as the internet is accessible, you can enjoy SIP calls anywhere. iPhytter is simple and handy and can help you cut extra calling expenses. Try this new innovative VoIP application.

Video Call Feature

Talk with remote friends face-to-face. Video call is available between iPhytter devices and also among PHYTTER Softphones.

Instant Messenger (IM)

Instant Messenger (IM), a form of text communication, is now available. The Instant Messenger is handy in various situations, such as when voice communication is not suitable, and you need information as text.

Make calls for free or at great rates using iPhytter+PHYTTER account!

With iPhytter, you can use various SIP service providers. We are also offering the user-friendly SIP provider, PHYTTER account.
If you create a PHYTTER account on iPhytter, you can use iPhytter to make free calls or call for low rates. Sign up for PHYTTER now!

Free iPhytter to iPhytter, and iPhytter to PHYTTER calls anywhere

All SIP calls from iPhytter to iPhytter are free, both with Wi-Fi and 3G. You can also make free SIP calls to and from PHYTTER—the softphone for computers.
By using the PHYTTER softphone and iPhytter, you can use PHYTTER in your office, home, and outside. You can connect with anyone you want, anytime you want, from anywhere.

Worldwide Low Call Rates

You can call anybody across the globe with very reasonable rates.
As long as the internet is accessible, you can take advantage of great rates anywhere.For more details, please go to [ Cost ]

> For more comprehensive user’s guide, click here

Premium Features

G.729 is a narrowband codec that is intended for low bandwidth usage to keep good audio quality.
We do not recommend using PHYTTER under the cellular network. However, if you mainly use it outside and do not satisfy with the audio quality, we strongly recommend purchasing the G729 Audio Codec.
> What is G.729 audio codec?

  • Requirement OS: Android V2.3.3 or later Communication environment: Mobile communication services such as Wi-Fi or 3G access required * Tablets not supported We always make the best effort to obtain all newest Android devices for operation verification. However it is quite difficult to encompass all devices. Please note that iPhytter may not properly work in some devices satisfied necessary conditions. Unfortunately we confirmed iPhytter misbehaves in some devices. Please do not download / install iPhytter if you have corresponding devices. “Supported devices” and “Unsupported devices” are listed below; We will do our best to improve this application, to be able to use it in many more devices. Supported devices (As of April, 2014 ) XPERIA arc S / HTC Incredible S / HTC One S / HTC Rhyme / SAMSUNG GALAXY S II / SAMSUNG GALAXY S III / SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 / Xperia Z Ultra Non-supported devices (As of July 25th, 2013 ) XPERIA Z
  • To use this application, Wi-Fi or 3G access is required, so we strongly recommend having “unlimited talk & internet” option with your mobile company. “Free” in this description is based on that condition.
  • Some mobile network operators and internet providers may restrict or prohibit SIP calls using VoIP technology over their network, and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP. In that case, all or a part of the iPhytter functions may not be available. Please contact your contracted service providers before you make SIP calls over 3G or Edge network.
  • Currently PHYTTER accounts do not support the [Voice mail] function. We will announce it when being ready on our website.
  • All products, services and the name of the company on the website are registered trademarks.
  • You cannot make emergency calls such as 911 by PHYTTER. For your safety, please make sure to have a communication device other than PHYTTER for emergency calls.